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"My clients have time to date. They just don’t have time to date the wrong people".  - Amy Laurent

"If you haven't found the one, call Laurent, a matchmaker who facilitates life's most important mergers." - Oprah

Clients succeed as they rely on Amy's unparalleled approach and skilled strategy in finding perfect partners that is based on results.  Her techniques and strategies have been proven over and over during her 10 years in the business. 

Amy maintains an 88% success rate in finding clients a serious relationship within the first three months.  Apply today!

Amy laurent


For the past 11 years, Amy has worked as the premiere recruiter in locating perfect life partners for busy executives, business professionals, & celebrities.  Noted for her highly personalized style with clients in Los Angeles and New York, Amy's work has earned her nearly every top honor in her industry; She is consistently ranked as one of the top executive matchmakers in the country.



Amy laurent